Take control of your finances and turn your business into a wealth-generation machine
Learn the powerful secrets successful business owners are using to build Financial Freedom without financial stress and overwhelm.
As an ambitious business owner you crave financial wealth
Financial success means achieving your dreams, realising the potential you know you have, a great lifestyle, and one day - financial freedom!

And you want to know the right way to do it. The shortcut. You don’t want to waste time working it out the hard way.

You want to feel in control, to know you’ve got the right information and you’re doing the right things.
You want traction on your goals every week, month and quarter.

But right now you don’t have clear financial goals or the right financial skills, knowledge or information in to turn your business into a wealth generation machine.
The art of Financial Freedom

Most small companies are missing the core elements of proper wealth building foundations, which is why only a very small percentage of businesses will ever reach that level of freedom.

 But you CAN achieve financial freedom by:

•    Creating a clear vision and plan for your future; KNOWING what financial freedom means to you
•    Learning the core financial skills every business owner needs
•    Implementing financial information & control that gives you facts, clarity, visibility, & keeps your money safe
•    Using these tools every week and month – making them a must
•    Taking consistent action to keep your business on track to achieve your goals
•    Using our action-based strategies to turn your business into a valuable profit and cash generating machine

Hi - I'm Serena:
I’m Serena Humphrey FCMA, a leading finance coach in the UK. And I’ve spent the last 2 decades running my own business, helping hundreds of small ambitious companies transform their finances.

But this isn’t just a business for me. For over 30 years I’ve been on a deeply personal mission.

In the recession of the early 90s I had a trio of financial disasters; my parents lost their business and home, I lost the house I’d proudly bought when I was 18, and the fast-growing £10m business I worked for as accounts manager went dramatically bust. I personally had to tell hundreds of people they’d lost their jobs and oversee the heart-breaking dismantling of the most tremendous business I’ve ever worked in.

My parents and my bosses lost everything they’d worked all their lives for.

There and then I made it my mission to find out why this happened and this is what fuels my life-long passion to help small business owners get the life, security and success they deserve, overcoming the text book reasons that most small businesses struggle financially.

I break down the barriers, stripping out accounting jargon and complexity, and I’ve created a program that makes it easy for anyone to master their finances and get the financial results and security they deserve..
The F Word Financial Freedom Academy
I’ve taken over 2 decades of working 1:1 with hundreds of small businesses and created this online membership program for a monthly fee any business can afford.

Distilled down into practical and actionable modules, you’ll learn the skills you need to manage your finances like a pro and turn your business into a wealth generation machine.

The Financial Freedom Success Pathway
The Academy is based on our signature program that guides you on your journey to Financial Freedom; creating a vision of what you want your life to be, and learning the critical financial skills every successful entrepreneur needs.
What the Academy Membership Includes
The ultimate business owner financial training program includes everything you need to succeed and build Financial Freedom

This the core of your membership and includes full training with videos and downloadable notes to take you through every step of the Success Pathway


We support your financial training with group quarterly planning, monthly results accountability, topical workshops, masterclasses & expert interviews

Be part of a community of like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs who will inspire and motivate you, sharing this journey to Financial Freedom

Certificates celebrate your completion of each milestone on the Success Pathway to keep you focussed and making progress

Accountability is one of the most important elements in achieving anything big. We’ll keep you accountable and share your wins each week

As part of your membership you can access paid coaching and implementation support from our coaching team of financial directors to make faster progress
Plus a new wealth generation strategy EVERY MONTH
Every month we unpack a strategy to help you turn your business into a wealth generation machine. Proven ways to increase profitability and cash flow, and to grow the value of your business.
Your financial training modules cover every step of the Financial Freedom Success Pathway and includes:
  • Financial mind-set & beliefs
  • ​Time mastery & planning
  • ​Managing stress
  • ​Finding out your Financial Freedom number
  • ​Creating your Vivid Vision
  • ​What makes your business valuable
  • ​Controlling & managing cash flow
  • ​Building buffer & investment cash

  • P&L, balance sheet & the accounting rules
  • ​Gross profit, break even, budgeting & forecasting
  • ​Using & understanding management accounts
  • ​Flash reports & KPIs
  • ​Financial controls & processes
  • ​Improving profitability

Access The F Word Financial Freedom Academy anytime from any place, using your pc, Mac, tablet or phone using the desktop version or our app
And it’s not just all about the numbers…
I know from over 20 years running my own business that success isn’t just about money.
To achieve financial success you’ve GOT to prioritise your physical and mental health and fitness, time with friends and family, and time off work.

No one cares if you’ve got the badge for working the longest hours!

Which is why I don’t just teach the numbers;  the Academy program focusses on how we balance those critical areas that allow us to be our best, so we talk about managing stress, time mastery, marketing and financial mind-set and habits.

And we always review these on our monthly and quarterly planning sessions along with the numbers.

Work through the training at your own pace, giving you the time and space you need to learn, implement and get results
We don’t just dump a bunch of information on you and wish you all the best; you’ve got support
when you need it.

When you apply your new knowledge and the strategies we teach, you’ll have more breathing room in your business, less stress and more consistent financial success.

Implement the material, you’ll get results. It’s really that simple

Real People. Real Results
Learn from REAL people; Academy members who are using the program
to change their businesses for the better.

They’re getting more traction in their business and financial goals, and have the tools, confidence, knowledge and discipline to grow their business to the next level

Start building your Financial Freedom
for just £49 a month


7 day free trial

£49 / month

plus VAT

Cancel anytime


7 day free trial

£490 / year

plus VAT
Save £98 over the monthly plan

Cancel anytime
I'm absolutely loving The Academy and having such an amazing resource at my fingertips. It's so reassuring to have the resources and a whole community of people helping each other. The more I use it the more confident I get and realise finance isn't scary after all!  I'm super excited about what I'm learning and I really look forward to my morning slots of finding new content and joining in the conversations.

Lauren Stoney - founder Lauren Stoney Lifecrafting

The academy is unique - not only does it provide amazing finance training delivered by Serena, but it is also community of like-minded, committed business owners, all willing to share and support one another to move to the next level"

Stuart Ross, CEO High Growth

I'm a self-confessed procrastinator when it comes to dealing with anything 'finance'. It's out of my comfort zone and I just don't get it. Being in the Academy has not only made me think about important questions I need to be asking about my business, it is making me accountable for getting things done and all championed by fellow members.

Fiona Ritchie, Director, We Love Creative

Working with Serena allowed us to unlock a level of clarity that we never imagined possible. She’s changed the way we get out of bed in the morning, how we decide to spend our day and how we make decisions around our business. Our stress levels have gone down dramatically because we aren’t worrying about something just beyond the horizon that we didn’t know about. We have a clear view of our financial goals, and a practical strategy to get there.

 Kate Rostance, Managing Director- Fat Free Media Ltd

Serena’s no-nonsense, practical approach to business finance is a breath of fresh air! She really cares about her impact in the world and her mission to give clients freedom from worry through visibility and control of their own business finances.

Darren Joint, Managing Director Viking Signs Ltd

For those business owners trying to pick their way through these uncertain times, I can very highly recommend the F Word Academy.

Top-quality financial training, vibrant debate, emotional and mental support in a community of business people wanting to be that bit better every day.

Carl Benfield - Managing Director - Refresh Business Ltd

A fantastic, practical resource that shows you exactly how to take control of your finances.  Based on 20 years of hard-won experience, Serena has crafted an immense pool of practical tools and guidance that will help your business build additional financial resilience to achieve that balance between short term survival and achieving your longer-term goals.

Paul Crick, Managing Director – Elevate

It's so much more than a training course. Some people are jumping straight in and working through modules and some are dipping in and out depending on their needs. It's so much more than a training tool and will make you think about the bigger things in life

Martin Horton -  Managing Director, Rivington Accounts

The academy is an incredible resource centre and community of like-minded people all working together to ensure they achieve their dreams of financial freedom. It provides training, support, and accountability from experts and is a place to share and source great ideas. I use it every day to ensure my business remains strong, and I stay on track to hit my personal financial goals.  It is now an integral part of our business and one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

What you do is literally and actually life changing. You are giving me the freedom to enjoy my life without having to be constantly worried about the finances. You are setting me free from the business so I don’t need to be in it 24/7, so that I can actually relax over the w/e knowing things are under control, so I can actually sleep at night! You enable me to actually enjoy my time off as I now know the finances are covered and I can have confidence in and plan for the future

Stuart Brook - Managing Director Blueprint Document Solutions Ltd

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Q: It’s just me in my business at the moment, is the Academy right for me?
A: Yes! It’s never too soon to get clear on your financial goals and get the right financial skills in place, and you’ll grow faster when you’ve got strong financial foundations

Q: I’ve got an accountant who prepares my management information; do I need to learn this stuff?
A: Yes you do if you want to control your future and be certain you’re getting the right information. Your accountant should be delighted that you want to get more involved and learn more about your finances. And as awesome as they might be, you can’t afford to delegate responsibility for your future to anyone.

Q: Can my book keeper or accountant be a member of the Academy?
A: Absolutely yes! Members find it very useful for their book keeper to understand what they are learning, and it helps them to improve their own skill and understanding too.

Q: If this isn’t right for me, how quickly can I cancel?
A: You cancel at any time. If you cancel before the 7 day trial ends you won’t pay a penny. If you cancel after that then your membership will end one month after your last payment. Oh, and we email a reminder to you before the free trial ends.

Q: How is the training content delivered?
A: Most modules and lessons have videos, with the transcript if you prefer to read, and downloadable notes that you can keep. Most videos are between 3 and 8 minutes long to make the training bite-sized and easy to fit into any schedule.

Q: I don’t think I can commit enough time to this – should I join?
A: Honestly? No!  Only you can decide if your future is important enough to invest your time in becoming financially skilled. The program does cover time mastery, deep work and planning where you’ll learn how to make the time. The real question is, do you want financial success enough to make the time?

If you’ve got any other questions, just drop me an email ...
Join today !
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